Klemens Torggler visual artist

Screen: Torggler's screen is a rotating or fixed device between floor and ceiling creating dividers.

As for every artist, expanding the possibilities of art is  my motivation to deal with art. Although a painting itself is spatially limited, which is to be accepted, it can change its position in space and, for example, be flipped or rotated in order to control where the color should flow. Or it can be turned on its head, as we all know. These are normal and seemingly insignificant processes in a painter's studio. A painter is someone who constantly, casually or consciously, deals with rectangles and frames. A painting can also be deconstructed, sliced into pieces. That's how I invented my kinetic objects. From the feeling for rectangles and their deconstruction.

I invented and exhibited the first kinetic door object in 1997. In the following years I refined the original model and made further inventions, built real objects and presented them in exhibitions.

My kinetic objects work according to various mechanical construction principles and designs, all of which I had to invent first. Equilibrium, i.e. the balancing of gravity, is essential for the function of these works. The heavier the sculptures, the more important balance is. However, there is no denying that almost all objects function without gravity too.


RodDoor: This design is the original design. Initially with only one rod, it has been found that a symmetrical and balanced movement is achievable with 2 rods.

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Multiple panels: The objects shown above can be linked together to create multi-part objects.





Multiple panels

Epitrochoid Design allows for simple and thin pieces. It's rectangles connections are established by a wheel guided along a curved track. Difference to other Torggler Kinetics: Gravity is required, which is never a problem.

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EvolutionDoor is a further development/ evolution of Torggler's rectangle based kinetic objects. Hence it's name, Evolution Door. Materials used are wood, steel and aluminum. It runs very smoothly and balanced, easy and safe to operate.

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