Klemens Torggler visual artist

.6 Klemens Torggler is a visual artist in the field of painting and object art and lives and works in Vienna. Through his kinetic sculptures he gained worldwide recognition. Klemens Torggler's kinetic sculptures have been exhibited at art fairs and numerous exhibitions and are in art collections. Furthermore, works can be seen in films and found their way into design and architectural publications.

.6 Although the objects appear to be design objects, the works have remained art objects to this day, so there are no commercial versions but only unique pieces that are sometimes very different from each other and for sure completely different from doors that everyone usually has at home.

.6 KT develops kinetic unique pieces and space installations also on customer request and advises in this regard in architectural questions.

.6 The works are produced in Vienna/ Austria


.2 EvolutionDoor as well as Klemens Torggler's other concepts are internationally copyrighted as individual artistic creations, including several sculptural creations.


"Weh dir, Betrüger und Dieb von fremder Arbeitsleistung und Einfällen, lass es dir nicht einfallen, deine dreisten Hände an diese Werke anzulegen!"

Albrecht Dürer

It makes no sense to ask for blueprints, know-how, individual parts or the like. I will not answer such questions.